About Mainline

Mainline's mission is to promote health and fulfil the human rights of people who use drugs:

without a primary focus on the reduction of drug use and with respect for the individual drug user's freedom of choice and human potential.


All of Mainline’s activities are carried out in the interests of harm reduction.

Harm reduction offers people the chance to control their use of drugs and take back their own lives within realistic boundaries.

Harm reduction thus restores human dignity and increases quality of life for people who use drugs.

Core values

The experiences and motivations of people who use drugs and the contexts in which drug use takes place constitute the point of departure for Mainline’s actions. Furthermore, Mainline works on the basis of the following norms and values:

• Non-moralising
• Evidence-based
• People-centred
• Authentic - creative and free-thinking
• Pragmatic - we get to work
• Activist


  1. Offering and implementing harm reduction interventions

  2. Promoting the human rights of people who use drugs

  3. Supporting and promoting harm reduction as a method and as a broad mindset

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More about us

More about our objectives & our reasons to be



Wim vd Brink


Jantien Manders


Gerard Schipper

Board member

Monique Middelhoff

Board member

Wim Buisman

Board member


Machteld Busz


Guido van Diepen

Technical Advisor

Simon Williams

Harm Reduction Skills and Development Expert

Rafaela de Quadros Rigoni


Jean-Paul Grund

Associate researcher


Tim Jansma

team leader /editor in chief

Toon Broeks

outreach worker

Annet Vogelaar

outreach worker

Sjef Pelser

chemsex team

Leon Knoops

chemsex team

Ferry Barendregt


Ingrid Bakker

project manager

Alvin Westmaas


Tjeerd de Zeeuw



Herman Kalter

Financial manager

Desiree van Dok

Office manager


Gerjo Kok

Professor of Applied Psychology


Work experience: Drug policy desk research

Desk research on drug policy and harm reduction

Have you almost or just finished your studies and are you looking for a useful and inspiring job to gain some extra work experience? Are you interested in drug policy, harm reduction and qualitative research? And - a major plus - do you speak Arabic and/or French? Then this vacancy is for you!

Deadline to apply: 10 September 2021

Vacancy desk research [work experience/internship]

Annual reports

Annual reports

Curious what Mainline has been up to in recent years? You can find all our annual reports on this page.

Read our Annual report 2020

This is our most recent annual report.

Also interested in finance? You can find our recent audit reports here:

Mainline fits the Dutch requirements for 'the Wet Normering Topinkomens (WNT)'. This law prevents non-profit organisations from paying excessive salaries to management. Details can be found in our audit reports. A correction was made and accepted for the 2016 report.

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