About Mainline

Mainline's mission is to promote health and improve the social position of people who use drugs.

Without primarily wanting to reduce drug use itself and based on respect for the freedom of choice and capabilities of the individual.


Drug use is a global social phenomenon. People who use drugs have the same universal rights as any other human being.

However, the consequence of international bans on certain psychoactive substances is that in many countries people who use drugs are criminalised, marginalised and discriminated against.

Mainline stands up for the rights and health of people who use drugs.

Human dignity
All Mainline's activities are based on promoting the safest possible use and thus harm reduction and prevention. Harm reduction offers people the opportunity to take back control of their substance use and their lives within the capabilities that they have.

Harm reduction aims to restore human dignity and improve the quality of life of people who use drugs. 

Meaningful involvement
The experience, motivations and context of people who use substances are the starting point of Mainline's actions. We work according to the principles of meaningful involvement.

A broad harm reduction offer

Mainline promotes evidence-based interventions such as needle and syringe exchange, opiate agonist treatment, HIV care: testing, treating, supporting, combating infectious diseases such as hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted diseases, dissemination of information, education and communication materials and overdose prevention and management.

Also for people who do not inject

In addition, Mainline asks attention for marginalised people who do not use opiates but, for example, stimulants such as methamphetamine and cocaine. Or who do not inject their substances, but who swallow, smoke or inhale (via foil), sniff or insert them anally or vaginally (plugging). 

And with attention for a persons' social context

Just like the WHO, Mainline emphasises the importance of a safe political and social climate ('enabling environment'). Mainline promotes rights-affirming approaches and interventions. This includes interventions that focus on:

  • Basic necessities: food, clean water, personal hygiene, housing

  • Complete physical and mental health: wound care, care for skin infections and abscesses, foot care, dental care, psychosocial support and access to mental health care, including access to addiction care for people who want to stop or reduce the use of (illicit) substances, and interventions that contribute to personal recovery

  • Increasing safety: drug testing, user areas, access to objective information on safe use, self-monitoring and harm reduction, legal assistance, access to advocacy, encouraging self-organisation

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Target audience

Mainline focuses primarily on people who, related to their drug use, experience problems in different areas of life and are therefore (threatened to be) marginalised in society and/or people who run (significant) health risks due to their substance use.


Mainline has three core goals:

  1. To promote the health and human rights of people who use(d) drugs 

  2. To improve the access to and quality of services and care for people who use drugs – with a focus on harm reduction services

  3. To promote harm reduction as a humane and evidence-based approach 

Strategic Plan 2022-2026 public version

Core Values

Mainline bases its work on these core values and principles:

  • Non-moralising – accepting
  • Evidence-based – rational
  • People-centered - with compassion
  • Authentic - creative and original
  • Pragmatic – acting
  • Society oriented - activist 



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Board member

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Board member

Knowledge, Learning & Partnerships

Ancella Voets

team leader

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Simon Williams

knowledge & learning lead


Sultan Baghdadi

outreach worker

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outreach worker

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team leader

Hannah Hamans

chief editor

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chemsex expert

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Learning expert

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project manager

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Desiree van Dok

Office manager

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Financial administrator

Katja Berends

Communications & marketing officer

Jeroen Jansen

Financial manager


Internship content creation

We are looking for a creative who likes to create and design content. Are you looking for a playground with room for your ideas and development? Do you find drugs an exciting subject? Come do an internship in September 2023 at Poppi Drugsmuseum and Mainline Foundation!

Deadline: May 1st 2023

Check out the vacancy here

Annual reports

Annual reports

Curious what Mainline has been up to in recent years? You can find all our annual reports on this page.

Annual report 2022

This is our most recent annual report.

Also interested in finance? You can find our recent audit reports here:

Mainline fits the Dutch requirements for 'the Wet Normering Topinkomens (WNT)'. This law prevents non-profit organisations from paying excessive salaries to management. Details can be found in our audit reports. 

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