New 'Sober facts on': Methadone treatment in the Netherlands

Form your own opinion with Mainlines 'Sober facts on'. This is a series of interesting reports from Mainlines partners in the Netherlands and abroad. Read the latest report (#7) on Guidelines and client participation in opioid substitution treatment in NL.

'Sober facts on'

1. Chrystal Meth in Indonesia

Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia explored the patterns of meth use and related implications for HIV Risk behaviour among meth users in Jakarta, Medan and Makassar. 
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2. The Obligation to report in Indonesia
This detailed and critical report explores how the compulsory report (IPWL) system in Indonesia has addressed drug users’ human rights. It also assesses the effectiveness of IPWL from the client’s perspective. Read the report

3. Adherence to ART amoung people who use drugs in Pakistan

This report - the result of an independent evaluation - holds significant proof that adherence rates among people who use drugs increase drastically after a short stay in a special HIV facility, even when they relapse into drug use. 
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4. Human rights violations in South Africa
The teams of outreach workers in Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria (South Africa) have systematically documented human rights violations among People who Use Drugs under the Bridging the Gaps programme. The report reveals large numbers of serious human rights violations. 
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5. Women who use drugs in Kenya
The stigma against women who use drugs is even more severe than it is against male drug users. Service providers in Kenya, such as ReachOut, Omari and MEWA, encounter women in their daily work and have assessed their special needs. This report offers concrete recommendations to make harm reduction services friendlier to women. 
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6. Biometrics & Key populations

Biometric technology allows for efficient programming and improved quality of services. However, when working with key populations, there are concerns regarding privacy. Can biometrics be responsibly implemented when working with a key population such as People who Use Drugs? Read the report

The latest 'Sober facts on' report
7. Methadone treatment in the Netherlands
To create consistency in opioid substitution treatment (OST) throughout the Netherlands, the Dutch Ministry of Health commissioned the development of the Guideline for Opioid Maintenance Treatment in 2006. The guidelines describe the diagnostics, adequate medication policy, several interventions and the patient’s perspective for OST. Maarten Beijer took a closer look. Read the report

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