Harm reduction: a programme essential in the new Global Fund funding round

In the new GFATM funding round, harm reduction is marked as a programme essential. The Global Fund requires each applying country to describe their plan for implementing harm reduction services. This offers a unique opportunity to increase the funding for harm reduction programmes in countries eligible for an HIV grant.

According to the GFATM Technical Brief on Harm Reduction for People who use Drugs (November 2022), countries can now budget for interventions related to Hepatitis B and C and mental health interventions. There is also more room for programmes that target people who do not inject their drugs but rather smoke (or snort) them. This is a unique momentum to ensure that harm reduction programmes are included in the NFM4 proposals.

Whether a country is new to harm reduction, there is an established pilot, or services are ready to be scaled up and maintained: Mainline can offer technical assistance by providing impactful support and capacity building. Mainline would love to partner up! Check out the info sheet for possible topics for collaboration.

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