Slamresearch published in (inter)national magazines

Our research ‘Slamming in the Netherlands’ has been published in the international magazine Sexual Health and in the Dutch magazine Tijdschrift voor Seksuologie. Two well-established magazines. And then came the Lancet..

Mainline’s research, ‘Slamming in the Netherlands’,was undertaken in 2021 and investigated which drugs people use while slamming. It analysed what the motives are behind slam culture, and what health issues are made more likely by the injection of drugs in a sexual setting. The data was collected through an online survey (175 respondents), 25 in depth interviews and interviews with 10 professionals.

Read the full article in Sexual Health here:
Slamsex Sexual Health

Read the full article in Tijdschrift voor Seksuologie here:

Slammen in Nederland Tijdschrift voor seksuologie

Our colleague Leon Knoops wrote this article with co-authors: Jan van Amsterdam, Sebastiaan van de Poll, Thijs Albers, Wim van den Brink and Tibor Brunt.

The Lancet: Mainline - Confronting Chemsex in the Netherlands.

Soon after these publications were released, the internationally renowned Lancet also published an article about us. All the attention for our work makes us very proud!

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