New strategic plan Mainline 2022-2026

Mainline's new strategic plan for the next five years is ready. In our plan we build on successes of the previous years and we explicitly choose to (continue to) work closely and side-by-side with and for people who use drugs. 

Unique selling point: 'close to reality on the streets'

At the beginning of 2021 we started an assessment of Mainline's strengths and weaknesses and we made an extensive analysis of the current harm reduction and drug policy field. We spoke with many people, organisations and donors with whom we work and with people within the organisation. 

The same thing emerged from all our conversations: Mainline's strength lies in the fact that we have our feet firmly in the ground. Freely translated: we are no-nonsense, know what is going on in different drug scenes and therefore have a lot of knowledge and expertise. Mainline is unique because we work closely with and for people who use drugs.

There are also weaknesses to what we do: Mainline can improve its visibility and bring the results of our work more to the forefront. We have to be more active in sharing knowledge. 

Mainline's primary target audience remains the same: people who experience problems in different life-areas – often related to their drug use - and as a result (are threatened to) end up on the margins of society and/ or people who run (significant) health risks due to substance use. 

Mission and vision

Mainline's mission and vision will remain virtually unchanged for the next five years. Mainline promotes health and improves the social position of people who use drugs. We do this without primarily wanting to reduce drug use itself and out of respect for the freedom of choice and possibilities of the individual. 

This 'harm reduction approach' aims to restore human dignity and improve the quality of life of people who use drugs.

Sharpened goals

We have sharpened our objectives and adapted them to fit Mainline's different target groups: people who use drugs, organisations and professionals who work in the drug field and scientists, policy makers, journalists and politicians.

Mainline has three primary goals:

  1. To promote the health and human rights of people who use(d) drugs

  2. To improve the access to and quality of services and care for people who use drugs – with a focus on harm reduction services

  3. To promote harm reduction as a humane and evidence-based approach 

Strengthen what we do best

In our new strategic plan we stay close to who we are. We maintain and improve what we do well. Mainline opts for strengthening, expanding and innovating our fieldwork.

Strategic Plan 2022-2026 public version

Both in the Netherlands and abroad, we choose activities that bring us into close contact with people who use drugs: fieldwork and action research, for example.

We want to (partially) offer our publications, such as the Mainline magazine, online and we are actively looking for ways to reach new groups of people who use drugs.

We are expanding our learning offer: by focusing on a strong mix of online and live courses, work more with longer learning trajectories and spread our knowledge among a much larger group of people.

Mainline also asks attention for marginalised persons who do not use opiates but, for example, stimulants such as methamphetamine and cocaine. And who do not inject their substances, but who swallow, smoke or inhale (via foil), sniff or insert them anally or vaginally (plugging).


Mainline will work towards greater financial diversity in the coming years. Our income traditionally comes from project funding, and we complement this with income from learning trajectories and training. We will also continue to focus on social entrepreneurship through our drug museum Poppi.

In this way we are preparing for a period in which the money for harm reduction is decreasing and we expect that we can keep our organisation size at a constant level while at the same time deepening the quality of our work. The balance between our national and international work remains 50/50. 

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