Services for Vulnerable Migrants who use Drugs in the EU

The European Commission has granted funding to a partnership of seven organisations - with Mainline in the lead. In the coming two years we are to study the service access of vulnerable migrants who use drugs in the EU, train service providers and make policy recommendations. 

This project is funded by the European Union's Justice Programme - Drug Policy Initiatives. 

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Research - training - policy
Several risk factors increase the vulnerability of (new) groups of migrants to engage in problematic drug use. These risk factors include traumatic experiences, disengagement with society, unemployment and poverty. Services and municipalities throughout the European Union are faced with the urgent challenge to address these migrants’ needs.

The project is organised around four work packages that are logically linked and build upon each other:

  1. Assessment of the situation
  2. Obtaining an integrated understanding of local needs and responses
  3. Development of policy recommendations, toolkits and practical guidelines
  4. Implementation in the field 

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This project is a partnership between seven organisations. We are:


This project runs from January 2022 up to the end of December 2023. For more information, feel free to contact Mac Busz via 


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