Stimulant drugs ‘Field Lab’ in Vietnam: evaluation

Open Society Foundations enabled Mainline and Supporting Community Development Initiatives (SCDI) to respond to the increased use of meth-amphetamine in Vietnam and across the Southeast Asian region. Our collective efforts have now been evaluated. 

The fieldlab in Vietnam is supported by Open Society Foundations. The evaluation of the project was funded by Aidsfonds.

External evaluation

The evaluation looks into the effectiveness of the Hanoi Field Lab for stimulant drugs (‘the Stimulant Field Lab’): a regional expertise and learning centre for stimulant harm reduction. Read more about the Fieldlab on our website. The analysis is done by the Centre for Training and Research on Substance Use and HIV of the Hanoi Medical University and is overall very positive. The Fieldlab is found to be innovative and effective in reaching various key populations - such as sex workers and LGBT people - who use meth-amphetamine. The report provides recommendations on improving the mental health community response: a priority we will continue to work on in 2021.


To engage community-based organisations from the region, a first dissemination meeting is organised by SCDI and Mainline in early June. Details on the date and registration will be published soon!

Enthusiastically, in our next newsletter, we hope to announce more exciting follow-ups to this project. 


Would you like to learn more about the Stimulant Field Lab in Vietnam? Feel free to send an email to Simon Williams via 

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