Mainline one-on-one counselling

Looking for some extra, external support for your service beneficiaries? Mainline offers one-on-one lay-counselling. 

What does our one-on-one counselling sessions look like?

Digital platforms allow us to reach people around the world. We use our expertise in harm reduction, drugs and drug related issues to offer lay-counselling and coaching sessions for people who use drugs. 

How do we coach? 

Our lay-counselling and coaching sessions are based upon motivational interviewing and cognitive behavioural therapy, and can address topics such as self-control, setting personal goals, safer use and much more. People value the fact that we do not have an agenda and the safe and non-judgemental attitude of Mainline staff.

If you work for a harm reduction service and you would like to get some extra support from our team members, feel free to reach out to us.

More information

Do you think Mainline's lay-counselling might benefit you or your clients? Get in touch for more information about our offer and payment options (e.g. ten-ride card or a basic subscription). 

You can contact us via

Are your interested in training for your staff? Visit our training page and get in touch via 

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