Slamming in the Netherlands, an update!

'Slamming in the Netherlands, an update!' is Mainline's follow-up of our 2015 study of "Tina and slamming; MSM, crystal meth use and injecting drugs in a sexual setting” (Tina and Slamming).

Slamming means injecting drugs before or during sex.

The follow-up study focuses specifically on men who (at times) have sex with men, and transgender people who have experience with slamming.

The survey is also for (ex-) users who have stopped slamming since 2018.

Mainline's follow-up research focuses on user experiences and possible health complaints of (ex-) slammers. What is the added value? Which health complaints can play a role? Which information provision works and which does not? And how can the support for (ex-) slammers be improved?

In addition to the online survey, Mainline will conduct European literature survey next to interviewing 25 (ex-) slammers and 10 professionals.

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