Training on methamphetamine for Indonesian health care workers

With the support of Mainline, a training for health care workers took place in Indonesia in early November 2019. The goal of the training was to strengthen the capacity of doctors and nurses to address mental health needs among people who use methamphetamine. Medical staff from over 12 community health centres across Jakarta attended.

The training, which was delivered by Mainline’s partner Karisma, was co-created with Atma Jaya University. The Indonesian Ministry of Health and the District Health office co-hosted the meeting.

“Now I have a better understanding of the needs of people who use methamphetamine. I’m also aware of the excellent work that Karisma is doing for them in Jakarta. After this training, we can better provide the support they actually need, and link the medical work we do with what is happening on the ground.”

Throughout the three day meeting, participants increased their knowledge about meth and the effects that (long-term) use can have on someone’s mental health. As a result of the training, the community health centres committed themselves to work more closely with Karisma’s outreach workers.

They will join them in their fieldwork and seek to improve access to their services for those who use meth. Mainline hopes this training effort will contribute to a sustainable impact of Karisma’s stimulant harm reduction programme. The next step after this first training is to work towards a commitment from the Ministry of Health to standardise the training for health workers nationwide.

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