Successful knowledge exchange East African Partners

Mainline International facilitated a knowledge exchange - a South-South exchange - visit between their East African partners in the first week of November: From Mukikute in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, to MEWA in Mombasa, Kenya.

MEWA hosted delegates from Mukikute to gain an in-depth understanding about their WWUD approach.

During this visit, both Agnes and Aina, Social worker and outreach worker, respectively, participated in MEWA's harm reduction activities ranging from outreach work, distribution of OST, ARV and other essential medication and commodoties. 

Agnes and Aina also participated in behavioural changing interventions during group counselling and individual sessions. The emphasis of their visit was to understand how to reach and better cater to WWUD in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Both Agnes and Aina stated to came back to Dar es Salaam inspired and motivated. "Meaningfully involving the people that you serve in how they want to be served not only improves effectiveness of your harm reduction programme but also empowers them."

They have learned that in order to serve PWUD in general, their input and active participation is essential. This was especially the case for developing and improving the WWUD approach in Mombasa, where the women already attached to the harm reduction programme were involved in designing and carrying out the service delivery.

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