Fieldwork training in Indonesia

Mainline trainer Ferry was in Indonesia to train the Karisma (Jakarta) and the PKNM (Makassar) outreach teams. Together, we are working to find the most suitable ways to reach people who use stimulants and to reduce the harms that can result from frequent or long-term use. 

Ferry: ‘each outreach worker has a story to tell and a personal motivation to do this work. They used to use stimulants themselves or they have friends who use and were arrested because of it. Or they believe in the harm reduction philosophy.
In the training, we tried to think of new ways to find people who use shabu and of ways to attract them to visit the drop-in centre. I was able to join the teams while they went on their daily outreach and we visited pensions and houses in the outskirts of town, where shabu is being used.

Based on these experiences in the field, we designed the training to also practise having non-judgemental conversations, asking probing and open questions and building relationships. A nice statement I like to make during training: we are not working with complicated people, but rather with people with complicated problems. I think this is a subtle distinction, but the realisation can make a big difference in how you treat people’.

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