Antiretroviral Treatment at the doorstep

In some areas of Pakistan, receiving Anti-Retroviral Treatment (ART) is quite difficult because of the size of the country and the limited number of facilities in the public health sector that provide ART. As a result, many people who inject drugs and who are HIV+ would have to travel very far – sometimes up to 300 km – to get their medicines. Naturally, this leads to poor adherence and treatment outcomes. A pilot with a mobile ART unit solved this problem.

In 2018, Nai Zindagi started a pilot to provide mobile ART in collaboration with the Sindh AIDS Control Programme (SACP). This first mobile ART service reached out to 184 clients in 5 districts and delivered ARTs at their doorstep. 

Wives and children of people who use drugs were also seen by the ART physician. Because of this creative innovation, ART adherence rates among clients increased substantially. In addition, this project showed the need for accessible, community based ART services. As a result of the advocacy provided by the project staff, 3 out of the 5 pilot districts now have ART services in their district hospitals. Read the full report here!

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