Poppi: Drugs Museum Amsterdam campaign launch

Poppi will be the first ever museum in the Netherlands dedicated solely to the subject of drugs! 

It will be the place which presents the complete picture on drugs in a straightforward way, and we’ll encourage our visitors to speak freely and without stigma. Poppi will be thought provoking. We’ll challenge our visitors to examine their beliefs about drugs. Does ecstasy always have the same effect? Why do some people develop a drug habit while others don’t? 

Misconceptions about such questions have led to countless poor decisions, both on an individual and on a political level. 

People and politicians are often led by emotion rather than facts, and this often has fatal consequences. Did you know, for instance, that the number of drug-related deaths has skyrocketed since the war on drugs began? That’s why we urgently need a public venue that presents the subject in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner and encourages visitors to talk freely about it; hence Poppi: Drugs Museum Amsterdam.

Poppi will use virtual reality and situation rooms to immerse you in what it’s like to use drugs. We’ll blow your mind with psychedelic artwork and ancient artefacts, and we’ll dazzle you with video testimonials and photo archives which present the history and cultural context of drugs.

Would you like to be part of us? Then make a donation to help us set up Poppi’s first pop-up event.

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