MEWA: Outreach in Mombasa, Kenya

In November, Mainliner Muna went on an outreach with the extended outreach team of MEWA – an NGO in Mombasa, Kenya. 

She visited two drug dens in Kisauni sub-counties: Shanzu and Bombolulu. It was there that she met with MEWA’s clients - who were very welcoming, open and willing to talk about their lives. Drug use gets many of them through the days, while they have to face the difficulties that street life brings.

Muna: “I have great admiration for what harm reduction organisations like MEWA do. Not only because I work closely with them and know their drive, but also because I have now witnessed first-hand the interaction with their clients and the passion that they have to serve them in any way they can. Despite the roughness of the drug scene, I have not once felt unsafe or unwanted during my visit. That is because of the relationship between those who use drugs and MEWA’s outreach workers is so good”.

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