Drug awareness in Manchester

What do different drugs look like? And how do they affect you? These are questions that most people who work with people who use drugs or who have a long career in using drugs can answer very easily. But what about the next generation of adults; the youth who just started to experiment with drugs? 

Do they have sufficient awareness of the effects that different drugs have on the body and mind? Mainline went to find out in Manchester, England.

Mainline Trainer Simon Williams provided a workshop for high school students on drugs, drug awareness and the effects of drugs. ‘I know that a lot of people use cocaine, but I couldn’t tell you how it actually affects your body, remarks Kady, a small framed girl who speaks enthusiastically about attending techno festivals. 

“But now I know I am definitely going to let my friends know, so they can make a more informed decision if they’re thinking of using it”. Kady was unique in her openness, but her classmates took an equal interest, especially when given the opportunity to identify different drugs.

Mainline aims to provide all young people, their parents and their teachers the opportunity to develop a better awareness of drugs and their effects. We believe objective and honest information is key in good prevention. Creating better drug awareness could prevent people from starting drug use. However, it can certainly prevent a lot of health problems among young kids who are experimenting with drugs.

A comprehensive drug awareness package will soon be available to high schools and universities in the Netherlands, and plans are already afoot to take it worldwide!

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