Situational assessment

Knowing the scene

Good programming starts with accurate information. Mainline can help you to assess the number of users of a specific substance in your area. We map the hot spots and advise you on the best outreach and field strategies in a particular local drug scene. 

Drug user communities have their own (local) dynamic and people who use drugs usually don’t fit into a simple blueprint. Harm reduction projects frequently fail to adapt to changed circumstances, new drug trends or realities. As a consequence, services often don’t match the needs of people who use drugs. 

Mainline can assess the needs of people who use drugs in a specific city. While we map the local drug scene, we also conduct a survey to understand the local preferences and potential risk-behaviours. Our assessments are pragmatic and oriented towards programming. We use sound, scientific methods, but with the purpose to match specific local needs to appropriate harm reduction interventions.

Do you want to know what is really going on in the drug scene in your town? Mainline helps you find out.

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