Knowing what supplies to buy 

Local communities of people who use drugs can be very specific in their preferences for harm reduction materials. These preferences are often overlooked. Do you want to make sure you are buying the best supplies? Contact Mainline.

The procurement of needles and syringes introduces particular challenges: there are various volumes, gauges and plungers to take into account. Organisations have been known to see a limited uptake of procured items: clients would simply have a different preference for a specific type of needle or other equipment. Or clients find out that the quality of products is poor. Good quality materials form the base of effective prevention programmes.

The reverse also happens: a stock-out of supplies. A stock-out can have dramatic consequences, especially when you are operating a needles and syringe or opioid substitution programme. Or when you are responsible for clients on ARVs. 

Smart procurement can save a programme a lot of money. Furthermore, it can ensure service users are safe and healthy. Do you need help with procurement, stock-management or simply with knowing what the preferences for materials in your local drug-scene are? Contact Mainline.

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