Quality & scale-up

Quality assessments and service scale-up

You run or fund a harm reduction service, but you would like to increase impact. Or you need advice on how to scale-up or better integrate your interventions in the public health system. Contact Mainline for an assessment and concrete recommendations.

Mainline can assess the quality of harm reduction programmes and make concrete recommendations for improvement or scale-up. Our methods take into account challenges in resource poor settings. We work with various methods: field observations, direct client feedback and interviews, focus group discussions, field observations, analysis of outreach reports, review of project documents and discussions with project staff and management. Almost all of Mainline's international assignments are in close partnership with a local counterpart.

Based on what we learn we provide concrete and easy to implement recommendations. By mapping the (local) public health facilities and other stakeholders, we can offer advice on the integration of services in the health care system or on options for further scale-up of services. 

Our expertise can help donors in the drug and harm reduction field to find a good balance between reaching a big enough group of people (target) to have an impact on HIV prevalence, but to still provide adequate quality of services.

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