Chemsex info and support during corona pandemic

Mainline’s chemsex support activities will continue in spite of COVID 19 virus. However adjustments in Drop in Meetings and other support possibilities have to be made.

The Drop In meetings in April and May have been cancelled. If you need information, advise or support for chemsex related subjects, mail to

We will get in touch as soon as soon as possible. Let us know if you prefer contact via mail, telephone call or videochat.

Is (chem)sex an option during corona?
Check for extensive information.

Chemsex Chat
Are you looking for information, help or support anonymously? Chat with Mainline’s chemsex team.
You can reach us via chat from Monday to Friday between 11:00 and 17:00.
Start chat here.

Drop In

*Every first Wednesday of the month
For men who quit (or would like to quit) chems
Information, advice, chat and support

Possible topics:
- How to cope with craving?
- How to deal with gay life and dating apps?
- How to enjoy sex again?
- How to handle boredom, stress or loneliness?

*Every third Wednesday of the month
For men who use chems
Information, advice, chat, support, needle exchange

Possible topics:
- What are the long term effects of Tina?
- How to reduce the comedown?
- How to use consciously?
- Do I lose control?

For men who slam, needle exchange is available.

Location and time:
Our office will be closed till further notice
Address: Frederik Hendrikstraat 111, Amsterdam ( Mainline office)

In Rotterdam you can join chemsex meetings as well, every 2nd Wednesday of the month.
For an adjusted schedule due to the covid-19 virus check HivPort.

Tina and slamming
If you need information on Tina, slamming and self-control, check

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