Chemsex support

Looking for information, advice or help about chemsex?
Mail to

Or call the chemsex team (also Whatsapp):
Leon: 06 - 11 16 33 41
Sjef: 06 - 15 96 87 76

Online meeting for ex-users
For men who quit or want to quit chems.
Online meeting every 1st and 3d Wednesday evening from 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM.
Due to corona restrictions, the meeting is not on location until further notice (check page for update)
Would you like to participate? Mail to

Chat about chems
Looking for info, support or help, anonymously?
Chat with the chemsex team.
Available every Monday to Friday between 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.
Start a conversation here

Website sexntina

For tips and information about Tina, slamming and self-control check our site

Needle exchange and drug test
Due to the corona restrictions, needle exchange is only possible by appointment Testing of drugs (only NPS, Tina, crack and heroin) is also only possible by appointment:
06 - 11 16 33 41 (Tue, Wed, Thu between 12 and 17)

Slam survey 2020 

Mainline is currently working on the research report "Slamming in The Netherlands, an update" about the rise of this phenomenon in The Netherlands. In addition to the results of the online survey (over 180 respondents), in-depth interviews with 26 (ex) slammers and 10 professionals are being analyzed. The literature review has been completed. The research report will be published at the end of June. Check this page for updates.

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