Expert advice to start harm reduction interventions

Are you about to start a harm reduction service or intervention? Are resources scarce or is resistance in the community high? Contact Mainline for practical advice.

Local organisations that start a new harm reduction programme often struggle with the authorities or face community resistance. Programme logistics and procurement can turn out to be more complicated than expected. Moreover, organisations can be unsure how to meaningfully involve people who use drugs in their work.

Mainline can help outreach workers to find smart strategies to reach people in their community. We can help with the design of the daily work: to determine your routes, deciding on the frequencies to see clients, prioritise the budget and establish good referral networks. 

We also assist management in ensuring staff safety and in drafting procurement and other relevant internal policies. Mainline stresses the importance of collecting reliable data and to monitor and evaluate progress continuously. We can help you to set up a basic M&E system to ensure lessons are learned and interventions improve over time.

In short: Mainline offers basic advice and expertise to help your organisation along the way. 


Call: +31 (0)20 682 26 60 

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