‘Ice’ in Ho Chi Minh City

How many people use ice in Ho Chi Minh City? And how many people experience problems with their health, the law or with their families as a result of their use? Mainline went to Vietnam to discover the facts.

Plans for an assessment were initiated by the local organisation SCDI, finding that many of their clients were using crystal methamphetamine – locally referred to as ‘Ice’. This was the case for clients who earn their living with sex work and for people in the methadone programme. Mainline’s educated guess is that ice is popular among many additional groups in Vietnam. 

To kick-start the situational assessment in Ho Chi Minh City, Mainline conducted a three-day training on crystal methamphetamine and on the research method to map the city. Community outreach workers were also trained in various interview techniques to allow them to conduct in-depth interviews with people who use meth. As a result, a group of ten community outreach workers are now equipped to systematically assess the ‘ice’ situation. 

This pragmatic study is meant to inform us whether harm reduction interventions for stimulant drug users can benefit the local community and – if so – how. The assessment is a unique collaboration under the Bridging the Gaps programme between Mainline, SOA AIDS the Netherlands, the local organisation SCDI, the Vietnamese network for people who use drugs and the local network of sex workers. 

By the end of April 2018, we will know the scale of use and the potential risk-behaviours of people who use Ice in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. 

Keep an eye on our website and our new project page about Vietnam to be the first to learn about the study outcomes. 

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