New director at Mainline

Machteld Busz is, as of 1 June 2017, the new director at Mainline. After two fruitful years of Mainline self-managing, the organisation would like to present a stronger profile. 

Flat organisation
Mainline is a flat organisation comprising self-reliant professionals who take personal responsibility for decision making. After the departure of Mainline’s former director in November 2015, it was time for Mainline to do some self-reflection. During this period, a team of three managers worked together in making organisational decisions while the rest of Mainline took on extra responsibilities. 

“This works well!” says the Chairman of the Board, Victor Everhardt. “Mainline is developing into a self-aware organisation with a clear niche, a smart strategy, and an impressive amount of in-house expertise.

We are proud of our activist roots, and within this type of organisational culture, a flat organisation is the best fit”. 

Face of Mainline
Why did Mainline choose to keep the function of director? “We feel it’s important that Mainline has a clear point-of-contact and that we proactively show this to the outside world”, says Everhardt. “But at the same time, having a hierarchal leadership doesn’t fit us. Therefore, our organisation remains flat, but we add a representative function to this structure. Machteld Busz fits the bill for this while retaining her role as International Program Manager at Mainline.”

Machteld Busz

Positive contribution
Machteld Busz enthusiastically looks forward to the coming years. “We are really looking forward to carrying out our strategic plan for the next five years. Mainline is in a strong position and we intend to build upon this. Mainline will continue to fight for the health and human rights of people who use drugs.”

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