Kick-off in April: International Train-the-Trainer programme

Last year, Mainline introduced plans around an international Train-the-Trainer (ToT) programme. Now, in early 2017, we are ready to get started! We formed a group of 13 enthusiastic people from various partner organisations in the Bridging the Gaps 2 programme. The kick-off for the training programme takes place in April 2017. 

Capacity building
The objective of the ToT is to build in-house training capacity with local partner organisations. This approach makes Mainline’s capacity building efforts more sustainable and it makes partner organisations independent of external training needs.

Having good trainers on board can strengthen an organisations’ position in the harm reduction field. In addition, the training provides outreach workers, paralegals and social workers with an opportunity for personal growth in their profession.

Overwhelming number of responses
After the announcement of our ToT in October, we invited people to apply for a spot. Mainline received an overwhelming number of responses from all the Bridging the Gaps countries. After a thorough selection process, we’ve selected 13 people, from 5 countries, to start the full programme.

The group consists of:

  • 9 men and 4 women

  • people from various religious and cultural backgrounds

  • active drug users - former drug users and non-users

  • people with links to various (other) key populations at risk for HIV

  • participants with 100% motivation.

The international character of the groups will ensure mutual learning, exchange of local knowledge and experience and an interesting group dynamic.

Mainline congratulates 

Tara, Nelson, Victor, Arif, Ajit, Samaha, Ramadhan, Angela, Nicolaus, Zara, Kenneth, Rori and Rudolph making the selection!

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