Tina and Slamming, a report on Crystal Meth in a sexual context

Recent years have seen a rise in the use of crystal meth (Tina) and intravenous drug use (slamming) in the European gay scene. This 'super speed' is popular among some gay networks in the Netherlands. We researched these two phenomena and published the findings.

Leon Knoops, fieldworker at Mainline, interviewed men who use meth in a sexual context. Together with SOA AIDS the Netherlands - Mainline published a report with the findings.

The use of methamphetamine (crystal meth or tina) and slamming (intravenous use) were never previously encountered or described in the Netherlands.

Our study is based upon a desk review of statistical Dutch data, a literature review and 27 in-depth interviews with MSM that use crystal meth.

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'Tina and Slamming'

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