Would your organisation benefit from learning more about drug related issues, and putting harm reduction skills into practice? Mainline offers a range of courses to fit the needs of your organisation, wherever you are in the world.

Mainline will bring you:

  • Courses that are tailored to your context and situation

  • Training programmes based upon our 30 years of field experience with people who use drugs

  • Connecting of theory to practice in an interactive, engaging way

  • A focus on practicality, empowerment and fun

  • Emphasis on sustainability of skills and long-term learning. 

We believe learning is a journey, which is why we offer all of our clients a package beyond just a simple training. Learning journeys can include an intake, learning needs assessment, training course, follow up, coaching on the job, and evaluations. 

A training journey

Our learning journeys include different methods of training. You can choose from:

Face to face learning
Do you want practical, skills based learning with one of our trainers? We’d love to meet you! We recommend this option if your team are in need of support with implementation of harm reduction interventions, or would benefit from on-the-job coaching and advice.

E-learning and virtual training
Are your team in need of gaining more knowledge about a harm reduction topic with less focus on practicing skills? We can also meet you online! We recommend this option if your team would like to be get an insight into harm reduction concept, and are happy to be empowered to work on skills independently without the trainer.

Blended learning
Of course, you can also combine face to face learning, e-learning, and virtual training for a more comprehensive experience. We recommend this option if you would like your team to have a long-term learning experience, with focus on both knowledge transfer and skill development.

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We have experienced learning experts based in the Netherlands, and a network of master trainers based in various locations worldwide.

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Our training projects

Georgia: chemsex

The intentional use of substances in a sexual setting – also referred to as chemsex - is a growing worldwide phenomenon, especially among men who have sex with men (MSM) and trans people. The Médecins du Monde (MdM) team in Georgia expressed an interest to establish a response to the emerging health needs of men who engage in chemsex in the country. MdM has asked Mainline to build the capacity of their team to support this aspiration.

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Chemsex in EECA region

The use of drugs during sex is a growing worldwide phenomenon among men who have sex with men (MSM). The chemsex scene however varies per country and (sub-) culture. Mainline is currently exploring the scene in Eastern Europe and Central Asia: the EECA region.

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Long-term learning

Professional development

For a long lasting impact Mainline offers customised series of trainings. We are happy to think along with your organisation and to assess your staff's needs for new knowledge and skills. Together we can decide on the best ways to build sustainable staff capacity. 

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Peer work training

Peer workers are central to good quality harm reduction programmes. But peers meet many challenges in their daily work. And organisations are not always sure how to deal with staff members who actively use drugs. 

Mainline recently developed a new peer work training and tested it in five cities in South Africa.  

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Harm reduction training

Face to face and online

Every day is different when you work in harm reduction. Work in the frontline requires many different skills and constanly confronts you with new situations. Sometimes it can feel like you are constantly reinventing the wheel. But fear not, you are not alone. Mainline can offer support in almost every aspect of your work.

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Training: Mental Health and Psycho-social Support

The outreach team of Andrey Rylkov foundation (Moscow, Russia) have seen a rise in the use of stimulant drugs over the last decade and they find that many people struggle with their mental health. 

Mainline currently trains the Andrey Rylkov staff to improve their knowledge and skills of mental health issues.

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E-learning courses

Knowledge and skills building

Mainline aims to promote harm reduction as an approach and a mindset and we like to do this as widely as we can. E-learning courses allow us to expand out reach. Our e-learning courses combine the newest theories and insights with interactive excersises and stories from the field. 

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