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Mainline has three decades of experience working alongside people who use drugs. Based on our first-hand experience, we are well placed to offer specific harm reduction related training and advice.

Our training enables you to understand people who use drugs; their life-experiences and daily realities. You will be better equipped to make contact with people who use drugs and more confident to reach out to those people that are in hiding and hard to find. You will know how best to inform people, what services you can offer and how you can arrange all the practicalities and logistics of a harm reduction programme. Moreover, you can help people who use drugs to speak out for themselves.

Our trainings and workshops are custom-made: they have different ingredients every time. 

Why choose Mainline?

Anyone who works in harm reduction as a peer or a professional can benefit from Mainlines expertise.

  • We have close to 30 years of field experience.
  • We know, live and understand the realities people who use drugs face every day.
  • We have an open-minded approach towards drug use and work from a harm reduction perspective.
  • We connect practice to theory.

Mainline is a non-profit organisation. We offer our trainings, workshops, advice and consultancy for reasonable prices. In addition, we are open to liaising with local NGO’s in finding ways to finance our training and/or to explore ways of financing joint projects.

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If you have particular training needs, please feel free to contact our trainer Simon Williams. We are happy to discuss the possibilities with you. 

+31 (0)20 682 26 60 

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Our training projects

Make contact!

Trustful relationships & communication with people under influence

When you work in harm reduction or meet people who use drugs in your work, you may encounter difficulties in making contact, while trying to establish trustful relationships with people and when communicating with people under influence.

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Reach out!

Outreach work & harm reduction services

People who offer harm reduction services have to work hard to reach people. And frontline workers have to make sure they can offer people quality information, services and medical, legal and social support. A project that offers clean needles and syringes to people requires more logistics and planning than one might think.

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Improving policy & human rights of people who use drugs

Harm reduction is still controversial in many countries. People have misconceptions about the pragmatic interventions and often believe drug use is encouraged. To make local community members understand harm reduction, a lot of talking and explaining might be needed.

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