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Despite some similarities, it is clear that global chemsex scenes differ from the Dutch scene. Men from other parts of the world may use different substances and different ways of administering them, as well as different ways of engaging in chemsex.

Naturally, this means that a country-specific harm reduction approach is necessary. Our expertise from working on the grassroots level has informed our development of effective harm reduction interventions for men who engage in chemsex. 

Mainline are now sharing our expertise on chemsex through informative and interactive offers e-learning programmes. Our e-learning packages are aimed towards health professionals working directly (or indirectly) with men who have sex with men engaged in chemsex across the globe. It consists of two parts:  

Part I – increases the participants’ understanding of chemsex, substances, the context and related issues. 

The Part One E-learning Programme


Part I and Part II  can be offered separately or in a complete package. The e-learnings can also be combined with with face-to-face training, also offered by Mainline.

Want to know more?

Talk to a chemsex expert about Mainline’s international work. Contact: Sjef Pelsser (  

For chemsex trainings in your country, click here or contact Simon Williams (  

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