Mainline's power comes from its field work in the Netherlands.

Mainline's field workers go where the drug users are and pick up signals from the drug scene. Direct contact with the target group is characteristic of our way of working.

Where our field workers are to be found:
In homeless shelters, regional institutes for sheltered housing, fixer rooms, penal institutions, and the homes of drug users and around the whole country and online at relevant forums.

Our aim
With field work we aim also to reach the groups that are not reached by regular health care or are (still) not known to drug services. These groups can include, for example, young drug users, and groups in the nightlife scene who - whether or not they use drugs in combination with sexual activity - are taking risks with their health.

Safe use and prevention of the spread of infectious diseases

Where necessary, we provide education regarding safe drug use and infectious diseases via conversations with drug users around the country and various publications.

Interventions & campaigns
Mainline reacts to the latest developments in the scene with timely interventions and field work campaigns.

Picking up signals
The signals picked up from the street are also translated into project carried out domestically and abroad. See all our current and completed projects

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