Drugsinfo for users

Mainline has developed a number of sites which provide practical information on various drugs. We also provide links to other sites with useful drug information.


Unity is a volunteer project where young people from the dance scene hang out at parties and festivals to provide information about partying, alcohol and drugs.

Volunteers from Unity aren’t there to judge drug use but to respond to the needs and questions of their fellow partygoers on using and how to reduce the risks involved.

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CHEMSEX & CRYSTAL METH is a platfrom providing practical tips and information about methamphetamine, the effects, the methods of usage, maintaining self-control, the risks and quitting.

This site is a product of the Mainline Foundation in collaboration with Soa Aids Nederland.



This site provides information to users of crack cocaine and professionals who work with vulnerable populations in general and crack cocaine in particular.

This site is a product of the Mainline foundation.

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Clear information for male & transgender sex workers about sex and drugs.

P&G292 and Mainline has worked together to develop this site in collaboration with Boyproject and Man tot man.

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