Corporate responsibility

Mainline receives most of its funding via subsidies or donors. These are largely public resources, which is why we find it important to be transparent about our expenditures and our social policies. We recognise that we have a special responsibility towards the public; a responsibility that has its origins in our mission and vision. All the interactions, behaviours and expressions from our organisation and our staff are held against a high moral standard.

Remuneration and expenditures

Mainline foundation follows the remuneration policies as set under the collective standards of Zorg en Welzijn en de FCB (Welzijn & Maatschappelijke Dienstverlening).

The foundations’ board offers their time on a voluntary basis. The total staff salaries remain below €500,000 with an average of 18 positions (equal to 12 FTE). The director’s salary is subject to a Dutch law that restricts management salaries and stays well below €50,000. This information is publically available, e.g. in our audit reports 2019 and 2020. Salary raises for staff are linked to a yearly performance assessment.  

A modest rate of pay is compensated with good secondary work conditions and a work climate that stimulates professional development and staff health.

Mainline strives towards a balance between direct expenditures on activities and interventions, on the one hand, and on staff and coordination costs, on the other hand. Although our office is centrally located, the office rent is very modest. This is something that we find of great importance working in the non-profit sector.

Code of conduct

Mainline has a clear and straight-forward code of conduct in place. All employees are expected to understand and sign the code of conduct as part of their contract. The code of conduct is regularly discussed within the teams and revised and updated where needed. There are clear sanctions for misconduct or unwanted or inappropriate behaviour.

Travel policy

Due to Mainline’s international activities and reach, our staff frequently travels by air. We compensate for our CO2 emissions via Climate Neutral Group

Mainline has a security policy in place because we often travel to unstable areas and because people who use drugs often find themselves at the margins of societies. 

Our security policy is subject to an annual revision and regularly discussed with staff. The Mainline international team follows a security course with some regularity to ensure the staff can respond adequately under unsafe circumstances.

During work trips, we always strive to stay in modest middle-class hotels as much as we can. We rely on internal directions that balance safety with comfort and budget. 

Bank account (IBAN): NL 26 INGB 0003 939 013
Chamber of Commerce registration number: 41209946
RSIN: 8007.08.684

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