Mainline can be hired as an expert and consultant. After working in the drugs and harm reduction field for 30 years, it is safe to say that we live, breath, eat and sleep harm reduction. 

Type of activities

Mainline can offer advice on drugs, health, human rights, programming, policy, procurement, networking and much more. A flavour of what we offer (please also scroll down to find some recent work):

Partners and clients

Our expertise is of interest to:

  • community-based organisations in the harm reduction field
  • networks of people who use drugs and human rights organisations
  • donors, UN and stakeholders in the HIV, drug policy or harm reduction field

Mainline also offers a wide range of trainings.


Please feel free to contact us for more information or a quote. We are always happy to arrange a (video) call to see how we can be of help.


Call: +31 (0)20 682 26 60 

Mainline is an official supplier of technical advice for partners of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. 

Mainline Trainings

Mainline Projects

Community Mental Health Response in Myanmar

Mainline proudly offers technical assistance to Best Shelter, an NGO in Myanmar. Best Shelter implements a community-based harm reduction programme, with a special focus on women, people who use stimulants (meth), youth and mental health. Mainline will work alongside of Best Shelter to improve and upscale their mental health responses. 

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Assessment of chemsex scene in South African townships

OUT Well-being is a South African NGO that provides stigma-free HIV and other health services to gay, bisexual, and MSM communities. Together with the OUT field team, Mainline will pilot a community-led assessment to gather information on how best to offer harm reduction, HIV, and health services to (trans)men, residing in townships of major South African cities, who engage in chemsex.

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Harm Reduction information materials

Mainline assisted NACOSA to develop a series of folders, flyers and stickers that aim to inform people who inject drugs across South Africa. Our 30 years of editing and printing experience comes in handy. We use accessible language and powerful visuals.


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Chemsex in EECA region

The use of drugs during sex is a growing worldwide phenomenon among men who have sex with men (MSM). The chemsex scene however varies per country and (sub-) culture. Mainline is currently exploring the scene in Eastern Europe and Central Asia: the EECA region. 

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Situational assessment

Knowing the scene

Good programming starts with accurate information. Mainline can help you to assess the number of users of a specific substance in your area. We map the hot spots and advise you on the best outreach and field strategies in a particular local drug scene. 

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Expert advice to start harm reduction interventions

Are you about to start a harm reduction service or intervention? Are resources scarce or is resistance in the community high? Contact Mainline for practical advice.

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Intervention-based learning in Kenya

Mainline is asked to develop two e-learnings for The Muslim Education and Welfare Association (MEWA), based in Mombasa, Kenya. MEWA offers harm reduction services to people who use drugs. Mainline will develop two e-learnings, which will then be made available for MEWA to access online via Mainline’s Harm Reduction School.

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Drug Decriminalisation [e]Course

Along with the International Drug Policy Consortium and Health[e]Foundation, Mainline helped to develop an e-learning about decriminalisation. This free online course supports partners worldwide, equipping them to advocate for the end of criminalising approaches to drug use and personal possession. Sign on now!

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Virtual study visit: harm reduction in the Netherlands

Mainline is coordinating a virtual study tour for the harm reduction network for the Middle-East and North Africa region (MENAHRA). MENAHRA were determined to not have COVID-19 block their plans, and asked Mainline to provide a digital tour across Dutch harm reduction services.

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Mainline-flavoured talks

Do you want to inspire your audience to embrace harm reduction? And do you want to go beyond a lecture or a plain presentation? Invite Mainline to your meeting and add some flavour. 

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Knowing what supplies to buy 

Local communities of people who use drugs can be very specific in their preferences for harm reduction materials. These preferences are often overlooked. Do you want to make sure you are buying the best supplies? Contact Mainline.

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Outreach strategy development in Kyrgyzstan

Mainline will work together with AFEW Kyrgyzstan in developing a new online and on-site outreach strategy to reach people who use new psychoactive substances, such as alpha. This designer drug is very popular in Kyrgyzstan and is commonly injected.

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Web design and web resources

Mainline recently designed a webresource to showcase a new research report about chemsex in Asia. The web-page offers a brief overview of the manual and links to the full report as well as to available external resources for those who are interested to learn more.

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Mainline one-on-one counselling

Looking for some extra, external support for your service beneficiaries? Mainline offers one-on-one lay-counselling. 

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Action research

Connection to the scene

More research is needed in the harm reduction field. But there seems to be a disconnect between local information needs and research institutes. Are you interested in drug research: Mainline can be your connection to the local drug scene.

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Quality & scale-up

Quality assessments and service scale-up

You run or fund a harm reduction service, but you would like to increase impact. Or you need advice on how to scale-up or better integrate your interventions in the public health system. Contact Mainline for an assessment and concrete recommendations.

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