Chemsex in the Netherlands

In 2014-2015, Mainline undertook research on the use of crystal meth and slamming in sexual settings. Before this, the phenomenon had never been studied in the Netherlands. The resulting report 'Tina and Slamming' (PDF) written by Mainline and Soa Aids Netherlands – fuelled the development of harm reduction interventions for MSM engaged in chemsex.

In the Netherlands, Mainline offers a variety of services for MSM engaging in chemsex such as:

  • Organising individual and group counselling sessions. During these drop-in sessions Mainline supports users to (re)gain control over their use, to abstain from substance use andor to improve sexual wellbeing 

  • Developing communication materials and online resources on safe and responsible slamming.
  • 'Chat about chems': providing outreach and online support. 

  • Organising MSM community network meetings  throughout the country to share experiences on chemsex.  

  • Co-initiator hoster of the ACO (Amsterdam Chemsex Platform); a collaboration between health care experts and LGBTI minded organisations that aims to provide integrated health and social services.  

Do you want to know more?

To talk to an expert on chemsex in the Netherlands, contact Leon Knoops (

For training in the Netherlands, click here or contact Desiree van Dok (    

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