New brochure about Slamming: dos & don'ts

Mainline offers, bases on research, a brochure in which you’ll find practical information about slamming techniques (slamming = injecting of drugs), safer use, psychoses and how to manage the coming down. You can order the brochure and also download a copy for free via our webshop.

In certain sections of the gay scene, slamming is becoming more and more popular. Chems like tina (chrystal meth), ketamine, mephedrone and new substances like 3-mmc, mxe and 4-mec are being injected before or during sex sessions.
The rush of slamming is euphoric and sexually stimulating. Chems increase self-confidence, concentration and energy levels. But slamming is also risky.

Mainline collected information during interviews with regular slammers who know the risks and pitfalls involved.

Order the brochure
This brochure is available in English and Dutch. You can order the brochure (€ 10,= per 5 pieces) via our webshop.

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Report: Tina and Slamming
Mainline, together with SOAIDS, presented a report: 'Tina and Slamming'. This report addresses the use of methamphetamine (crystal meth or tina) and slamming (intravenous use).

These two phenomenona were never previously encountered or described in the Netherlands. Our study is based upon a desk review of statistical Dutch data, a literature review and 27 in-depth interviews with MSM that use crystal meth.

Read the summary

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