2. Drugs

In this training, we link drugs, the person using drugs and the environment in which the drugs are being used.

In every culture and all around the world, drugs are used. But which are currently the most popular drugs? What are the trends? What effects do they have, how are they used and what risks do they pose?

Mainline is streetwise and gives honest information, practical tips and advice about safer drug use. Therefore, local conditions are our starting point.

Also covered in this course is how to prepare a shot. Any idea what a needle looks like after it has been used four times? Which veins do you use, and which do you avoid? How do you prevent an overdose? Using a straightforward approach, we engage in dialogue with users and caregivers about how to safely shoot up, snort, smoke or swallow.

”The training was excellent: practical and easy to understand.”

Henri, South Africa

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