11. Specialised trainings

Mainline also offers specialised trainings for organisations looking to implement harm reduction programmes, like personnel planning, work methods, logistics, finance and procurement (for example acquiring clean syringes).

Here are some examples:

Mapping: learn how to map where substance users commonly go so you can consistently come into contact with them.

Establish harm reduction: learn to work from a harm reduction perspective – from guiding your team, to ensuring team safety, to arranging transportation, procuring needles and ensuring you have traction in your community.

Outreach teams: the ins and outs of doing field work.

Train the trainer: in this training local partners are shown how to communicate harm reduction strategies to their co-workers.

Monitoring, evaluation and planning: in order to effectively manage your organisation and report successes, the ability to highlight and publicise your results is essential. Mainline helps you in setting up a database, measuring results and reporting.

“I learned many things, like how to control a class, class arrangement and specific skills for training adults (as opposed to children)”

Teresia, Kenya

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