9. Stigma

In this course, we take an honest look at self-stigma, external stigma, and organisational norms/values. After the training you will have the tools needed to break free from prejudice.

  • What is it like to be routinely dismissed as an addict or junkie?
  • What does this do to your self-esteem?
  • How do you deal with being excluded from society?
  • How do you stand up for your rights if you use drugs?
  • Some users devalue other users as junkies; where do these mutual prejudices come from?
”The training flowed well. We all felt that we learned a lot, the involvement of the documentation to be used was extremely helpful and felt like we were actually contributing, and not just being taught.

This was a big plus for us. The practice sessions really helped, too. Everyone appreciated the honesty and to have things to work on in the future.”

Nelson, TB/HIVcare Pretoria, South

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