7. How to change behaviour

Changing behaviour or habits is never easy. It takes time, energy and is often a lengthy process. Change happens in stages and in small increments. Motivational interviewing techniques can aid in achieving sustainable change.

Motivational interviewing is a method in which you stimulate the personal motivation of the other person. Behavioural change comes from within, so rather than imposing rules or directing someone, you put them in the driver’s seat and invite them to take the steps necessary to meet their goals.

In this training you learn to conduct motivational interviews within your own work environment. How do you confront someone about their behaviour? How can you set and reach common goals?

The theory is put into practice as you are given the opportunity to practice these skills. The ultimate goal is to empower people: to make them stronger and enable them to solve their own problems.

Competency based work

Competency based work focuses on the strength of the individual and is the foundation for care in the Netherlands. Mainline applies this method with local organisations abroad. How do you identify talents and abilities so that people can develop themselves?

And how can you work with someone to help them gain more control over their drug use? In this training you learn to approach problems from different points of view and to make a difference in someone’s life by applying out-of-the-box thinking.

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