5. What to do in case of overdose and other health questions?

What are the effects and risks of different drugs? In this training, the emphasis is on preventing overdose. Our primary focus is on heroin, but we also pay attention alcohol or stimulants such as cocaine.

After this training you’ll be able to prevent or identify an overdose, act appropriately and use life-saving tools such as naloxone in an emergency.

Tips, tricks and knowledge

No matter if you’re an outreach worker, a peer or helping professional: it’s important to know how to react to health questions and medical emergencies.

Knowing simple medical procedures can make a big difference to public health.

Basic knowledge of First Aid as well as wound and abscess care are very useful in the field. And with basic knowledge of ARVs and Hepatitis C medications you can help clients adhere to their treatment. Finally, it’s crucial to know when it’s necessary to refer someone to a clinic or hospital.

During the course we also focus on the development of a local social map.

“The Training was short, to the point, very interesting”

Salman, Pakistan

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