4. Contact with people who use drugs and communication skills

A training about communication skills that can help to ensure an effective contact with substance users.

Who is your client? How do you initiate contact? What motivates him/her? What are their personal needs? It’s vital to understand the experience of a person who uses drugs.

In this training we take a close look at the world of drug users using discussions, videos and presentations and by sharing first- and second- hand experiences.

Operating from the principle of ‘listen, learn and match resources to needs’, you’ll learn ways of connecting with substance users to ensure that the assistance and support offered is consistent with the client’s wishes.

A lot about making contact happens instinctually

  • You make eye contact, nod a little, but then what?
  • How do you start a discussion about difficult topics?
  • And what do you do if the other isn’t interested in an educational chit-chat?
  • How do you respect your own boundaries?

Contact and building trust with people who use drugs requires a very specific set of communication skills. In this course you’ll learn effective engagement techniques and communication methods and practice these, using conversation exercises.

The trainer has good experience and skills.”

Nico, Médecins du Monde

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