3. Drugs & sex: the pros and cons

Why are drugs and sex so often combined? What are the effects and risks of commonly used substances on sexual practices? Why do sex workers often use drugs?

In this training, we openly discuss the taboos around sex and drugs. We bring into focus our own norms and values: how do you put aside your own convictions in order to openly discuss sex and substance use?

Another topic for discussion are sexually transmitted diseases. Can you contract hepatitis by having unprotected sex? Can you transfer HIV if you’re using ARVs? And is bare-sex safe if you’re both HIV-negative?

Through discussion, education and information sharing you’ll learn about additional risks and prevention methods.

We also pay attention to pre- and post-test HIV-counseling and new developments in the field of pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP and PrEP).

”Participation of training participants was good, because there were many exercises, group discussions and practices.”

Arjanti, Indonesia

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