Mainline magazine: 25 anniversary edition

Mainline Magazine is celebrating its 25th birthday! We published a brand new magazine in English: Lighting the spark. To celebrate, you can read our anniversary magazine online for free!

Read anniversary edition online

Lifestyle magazine for users

The tone of voice and contents of the articles are geared to the level of knowledge and living environment of substance users. Mainline never uses a pedantic tone and the articles are based on outreach work.

The idea behind the magazine is to strengthen the self-image of users. Experience has shown that subjects discussed in the magazine form an important starting point for outreach workers to discuss issues with substance users.

English publications

We produce 12,000 copies that are sent to users and various drug treatment centres throughout the Netherlands. Every year Mainline also produces a special publication in English, in which a subject that is featured in the magazine is further explored. In our webshops you'll find an overview of our English editions, which you can order.

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