It is Mainlines mission to improve the health and rights of people who use drugs.

For 25 years, Mainline has been providing health education, offering training, a lifestyle magazine, and working with partner organizations abroad. All dedicated to the principle of harm reduction.

Latest News

Tina and Slamming, a report on Crystal Meth in a sexual context

Recent years have seen a rise in the use of crystal meth (Tina) and intravenous drug use (slamming) in the European gay scene. This 'super speed' is popular among some gay networks in the Netherlands. We researched these two phenomena…

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Mapping in Kathmandu, Nepal

Experts from Pakistan, Nepal and the Netherlands combined their expertise in May 2016 to conduct a comprehensive mapping exercise in Nepal. Because people who use drugs (PWUD) in Nepal typically use drugs behind closed doors, we designed a specific methodology…

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New 'Sober facts on': Methadone treatment in the Netherlands

Form your own opinion with Mainlines 'Sober facts on'. This is a series of interesting reports from Mainlines partners in the Netherlands and abroad. Read the latest report (#7) on Guidelines and client participation in opioid substitution treatment in NL.

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Lifestyle magazine for users

Three times a year, Mainline publishes the eponymous magazine, which is distributed to drug users, care facilities, and penitentiaries. The magazine provides updated information on developments in the drug scene. The magazine is also published once a year in English.

In this new edition of the English Mainline, we celebrate our 25th birthday! Read our anniversary edition online for free!

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Folders & brochures

The field workers of Mainline pick up signals on the street, make an inventory of problems faced by those who live there, and provide the knowledge they have gained in (Dutch-language) publications for drug users and professionals who work with drug users. We also offer a number of folders and brochures in English.

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Information regarding health issues confronting drug users

The Dr. Mainline series of folders offers information regarding health issues confronting drug users. We publish newsletters for seropositive users and users with hepatitis C with information on latest developments. Every year we create a number of themed folders such as this year's folder on Slamming.

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